The Future of Otological Surgery

See exactly where you are going before you make the first cut.

OTOPLAN is a revolutionary Otological planning software. Quickly generate patient-specific 3D reconstruction from CT images, and easily visualize each patient’s unique anatomy.

Portable Solution

Take OTOPLAN anywhere you go with it's portable tablet-based platform.

Intuitive Controls

Minimize effort with intuitive user interface and responsive touchscreen controls.

Guided Workflow

Perform step-by-step surgical planning, generate reports, and export patient data.

Plug & Play Data Import

Automatically import DICOM files and securely access imaging data from USB, external hard drives, or PACS.

  • external HD
  • USB
  • PACS

3D Reconstruction

Make decisions in advance and plan the best possible outcome for each patient with detailed 3D modelling.

Electrode Visualization Tool

Use individualized data to compare insertion depth and tonotopic pitch match with each MED-EL electrode array.

Analysis & Reporting

One-step data export automatically generates a full case report in PDF or PowerPoint format.

Enhanced Consultation

OTOPLAN makes it easy to discuss ideal electrode choice and surgical considerations with your patients.

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